What The Bankers Money  Strategy and
Indicator Can Help You Achieve
  • Over 400 Pips Every Month 400% 400%
  • Send Trade Signal To Your Mobile Phone 100% 100%
  • Very Low Risk + Low Draw-Down From Experience 5% 5%


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I have been working on a strategy for over 5 years now.

I am sure you know I am an expert in coding Expert Advisors, Automated robot and inidcators.

Surprisingly something happened and I hit a gold spot in Forex trading that nobody takes note of.

Then I did every possible scrutiny and back tests and it delivers almost every time.

Every forex trader is in search for the answer to just one question: That is; what works?

Like you know in forex trading, traders like to know when to enter a trade? How do I exit?

While there are tons of forex trading strategies and indicators out there; only a few has real and genuine answer to these questions.

After lots of testing and simulations, trials and errors, I have discovered a pattern that occurs every day in the forex market. Not just that; whenever this pattern occurs, you are likely to make a profitable trade.

From my experience, I have an 85% win rate. Let me show you how this works in real life.

Alright…I call this the letter M strategy or letter W strategy

Every time the market creates many patterns of letter M on the chart, you should know something is about to happen!

So let me show you what I  am trying to explain here

So, you can see this is an example of what is happening on the chart right now.

Anytime you are seeing something like this on the chart. Be prepared to make money!

I created this semi-automated-robot or indicator to plot all these opportunities on the chart.

And it will also send you an alert to your mobile phone, then you place your trade and BOOM you are making money.

Either the pattern happens on a 20pips loop or 25 pips loop, 40, 50, 60 and so on.

You will always get signal on your mobile phone.

Let me draw another pattern on the charts.

So you can see, anytime you see many letter M’s on your chart or many letter W’s, you should know something is about to happen!

Some traders call this Price action, but I look at it differently

Let’s try to look for other opportunities on the chart!!

This is another opportunity here: Letter W.

The question is: when do you enter for this trade?

Don’t worry, you will understand all this when you have the Semi EA or indicator in your hands!

So this Powerful tool will do all the work.

My tool spots such loops while you place the trade in impending direction.

You don’t need to stress yourself!

Questions like How do I know where to enter a trade or make profit?

Do not worry, an alert will be sent to your mobile phone..

You only need to enter a trade.

So these opportunities always show up almost every day on the chart.

So, no need to sit down on your PC for 24 hours a day. My tool will do all that for you!

Just live your life and enjoy your pips!

Let me show some examples on backtesting of how it really works!

This is the interface of the BankersMoneyStrategy SemiEA/Inidicator.

Once there is a signal. A blue box will be drawn and an alert will be sent to you.

In my user guide you will know either to take the trade or not.

This is another signal.

Anytime there is a signal and you are ready to go in for it.

Just use the dashboard button to enter for the trade on your MT4.

Or you can place the trade directly from your smart phone.

You can see the price falling!!!!

This is over 79 pips and $149 profit,

Which is like 2.86% ROI on a single trade  LOL

Let’s check another example:

This is another opportunity here!

I am setting my stop loss here; you can also set your take profit if needed….

But I like managing my trade with trailing stop

Price falling …Money is piling up….

This is $215 profit,

Which is like 4.3% ROI on a single trade. LOL

Let’s check another example:

This is another trade coming in:

Just wait for the alert on your mobile phone and make money!!

Setting my stop loss again! Smiling…Price falling again and money is piling up!

LOL Over $222  in profit again….

After purchasing you will Receive an email with the indicator/SemiEA.

With the full explanation of the strategy with screenshots, so you can fully understand the strategy!!

Words From TheForexprogrammer

Words From TheForexprogrammer

Forex Trader and Forex Robot Programmer

Forex trading evolves every year and so traders need to evolve in terms of strategies and approach.

With over 13 years of trading the forex market, I have learned to change tactics and follow the trend.

I once specialized in news trading, later price action, another time, combining various indicators, looking for trends, learning to create and trade with forex robots and many more.

The goal is to be on the +postive account balance every year. But like every forex trader can testify, losing is part of forex trading.

For you to win and keep winning, you must have failed or lost at one point or the other.

This manual trading strategy and the accompanying Indicator will open your eyes and help you make profits that you might never be able to spot.

With the help of the Bankers money Indicator, we can make some money together and even become friends using and making the indicator better day by day.

See you in my Mailbox or on my Telegram Group.

Yours Sincerely.



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