Worlds Best Forex Robot of 2020

This is something very different;
After countless hours of studying the forex market for loop holes I developed a beast!!
The Forex Robot For The Big Boys!!!


Ending the month with over $8,000 profit on 3 accounts and more profit on some accounts. 🏆🔥💰

I quickly recorded my vps to show some accounts before September starts!

You only need a vps and BigBoy to be consistent 🏆
All in the user guide….
You too can start doing this on any pair right now + my trick combined with the BigBoyEA
Forex is real if you trade smart  🤑🤑🤑

Imagine the 3 accounts above are your accounts or your clients account, How will you feel?

What if you have a trading school or students: teach them to make money the right way.

Make money when others are sleeping, and sleep when others are sweating.

BigBoy EA is the way!!!! You can be ready to use the system this week 🏆

$250 per month for BigBoyEA
Lifetime is $2500
I cant force you to be financially free, you will be financially free when you are ready!! 
Left for you to decide.

$2000 to Over $12000 in only 3 Months

Aint joking here  guys, and I do not expect you to waste time as well. After I have reached my target, I would stop selling this robot for this year!!! (In fact I only want serious traders, Big Guys)


You heard that right, set and sit back and you will see wonders of the big boy forex robot. 

It also uses Auto Calculate Lotsize to increase lot size when you are making profit after profit, and once it make few losses it will reduce the lot size again.

It comes with Money Management, you dont need to set your lot size. Just attach on your account and it will automatically know the next thing to do.

And This Is Why The Brokers Will Be At Your Mercy

EA comes with a feature that allows you to tell the EA the maximum amount you want to target while the EA is working.

For example, if you activate on $2,000 Account, you can tell Big Boy EA that you want target $30,000 profit.

Once this target is reached within few weeks or months, withdraw your money and re-invest again..With that you can continue producing profit again and again.

I advise you not to compound your profits!!


Only in 6 Days, BigBoy EA + My Trick Delivers

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You should change your forex trading story into a very positive one this 2020. 

 Only in 24 Hours, BigBoy EA + My Trick Delivers On GPBJPY!!

You should change your forex trading story into a very positive one this 2020. 

"Big Boy Master, your EA is a miracle, 8 profits and 2 looses and my account is 35% in profit in 3 days... How i wish I can buy this at a lifetime...."

– Ali Sayed

Pick a Plan that Works for You

Note that I am not selling this EA, you will send your Live account and I will attach the robot for you. So, you are only able to rent this EA. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me answer a few questions about the Big Boys EA.

Is this System Completely Automated?

Yes, all you need is to set it up in your VPS and its going to the work for you.

Whats the Recommended Account Size For This Robot?

I honestly do not expect you to susbcribe for such an expensive trading system and then be trading small accounts!! This robot can trade any account size but I prefer going big guys. This is for big guys.
Invest $3k, Invest $10k, Invest $100k and so on.

I would also advice that you test on your low capital first. For example, you can use it on on $3k account before you then go for $20k. This is a very good rule of investment.


What If I want to Use On Multiple Accounts?

Sure, my friend, but you will also have to buy a new robot for each account. But I can promise you a small Discount on top of that.

Whats the Strategy Behind The Robot?

You really would not expect to tell you this,  but I am still going to tell you a bit. I do not want to confuse you more.

Listen you will never see this system in the forex market. Because it does not depend on brokers spread to make money.

It uses normal Take Profit and Stop Loss to make profit every time. It is the best system that will ever change your forex career because it wins almost 80% of the time.


Money Back Guarantee?

Yeah, sure. That is during trial, but for a month, 6 months or lifetime license, since the robot would be completely out of my control, then a refund would not be possible.

Payment Methods

Currently accepting card,skrill and bitcoin payments

Further Questions?