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XAUUSD Trading Bot is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for TRADING GOLD.

The operation is based on trend and price volatility, thus the EA works according to the "Trend Follow" strategy, which means following the trend and trading trend reversal.

This Gold Trading Robot works during a certain time which is when market is TRENDING. 

When the market is trending, the XAUUSD Expert Advisor analyzes the situation and considers the direction and strength of the XAUUSD, whether the trade volumes had changed (in percentage), and other necessary points before it places a trade.

This Gold Trading Robot is Designed To Trade Automatically While You Sit Back and Watch. Withdraw Profits Anytime

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Crashed So Many Trading Accounts? Or Lost  So Much To Forex Trading?

I have tested and simulated with real-live trading data and the results are exremely massive!!!. 100% ROI in a short time.

I beat my Chest 1000 Times That This Bot Can Never Crash Your Account 

With rigorous testing, even with aggresive trading, the highest recorded drawdown is 10%
You Get a  100% Days Refund Guarantee if You Do not start to results within 10 days.

I have been Managing accounts For Clients With This System for the past 7 months and we have been cashing out consitently

I have been managing account for clients for the last 4 months and I we have Raked in Over $600,000 in profits in a short period with the gold aggresive doubler.
All clients are doing at least 18% ROI every month.

The Strategy  On Which This Robot is Built is Rock Solid and Highly Dependable.

As a professional forex trader, your strategy is the most important factor if any forex robot will be successful. Therefore, apart from the robot file, you also get an ebook explaining this strategy

Gold is the Magic Money Maker in Forex Trading

The fastest way to make money in forex trading is to get a system that trades Gold.(XAUUSD). It's a very volatile pair and surely, this robot will place profitable trades consistently everyday.

Preset Settings For All Traders

If you want to double your capital within 10 months, you can copy the same settings I used to double an account in 10 months. 
What if you want a coservative settings? got you covered as well.
Use preset settings, sit back and watch your money grow.

Another 75% ROI Account in 5 Months

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Alex Oke

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Gold Money Doubler


Lifetime License

$7000 Minimum Trading Capital
You Get Recommended Brokers and VPS
5 Live Accounts, and Unlimited Demo Accounts License
100% Money Back Guarantee If You Do not Get Results in 10 Days.
+Preset Settings

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