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THE GUI TRADER (theforexprogrammer.com)



Hi, I’m Alex Many people have been praising and hyping me. They’ve been calling me a super trader but I do tell them I’m not.

Every forex trader is a super trader but GREED is taking the best part of us. Many traders are so greedy.

I’ve been working on a strategy for over 4 years now. I am sure you know I’m an expert in coding EAS. Surprisingly, something happened last month, I hit a gold spot that changed EVERYTHING for good. When I did every possible scrutiny and backtest this EA gives …. 20%-50% Yearly and it’s so, so rare for this trading idea to blow your account. Yes, you heard me right,20%- 50% Yearly.

Let me tell you something you don’t know, Many traders want to double their trading accounts in no time, they want a trading system that gives them 30%, or even 50% every month, so they jump into buying just about any EA that promises such returns. But what they never care to know is the strategy behind those EA’s so they end up crashing their trading accounts.

Painfully, EA developers, marketers and vendors who claim to have your best interest at heart WILL NOT explain in detail how their crap system works. They’re only screaming for the hard earned money in your pocket. The most annoying part is that they sell them at a very expensive price which is too bad.

I’ve been there, I’ve also blown my trading accounts and I know the feelings that comes with it. What I’m bringing to you is unique and spectacular –based on my 10 years of trading experience in the forex market. I’m bringing to you conviction and not confusion as you’ll understand why it makes 20%- 50% … every year, how it puts together: science, traders psychology, market behavior, unbeatable positive risk management, and paying attention to protecting your invested trading funds as it’s number one priority.

This is not just an EA – It can send you signals. It’s doesn’t use any indicator – It’s based on just one thing every forex trader has never been paying attention to – PRICE ACTION (just supply & demand). You’ll get all the unique settings of how I make 20%-50% ROI. If you want to make more profit it is possible since it comes with management settings.


No EA can work consistently for 20 years. WHY? Check out what’s happening offline for example – When Nokia started to make wave they were unbeatable and unstoppable, but now we have a different story. Businesses have down times, they also record sloppy graph trends, or go bankrupt – that’s what happens to every EAs because no one can predict accurately the future market conditions. If an account is blowing up maybe once in 5 years don’t you think it’s still ok? But many crap systems out there crash even after a month of buying them – that’s unfair. If you had a thorough understanding of such systems, I’m sure you won’t just buy those systems. I’ve bought tons of trading systems but I’ve never ever seen a trading system that’s more intelligent as GUI. It is the most intelligent trading system you’ll ever see and it comes with more than 262 settings. Don’t worry you’ll get an A-Z explanation of the principles behind this EA. ………….

Because I’ve not released this trading system, I’m not going to share with you everything about how it works BUT there’s something INESCAPABLE in the forex market that this EA is all about – You can’t escape what I’m talking about in the forex market. I won’t call it a LOOPHOLE because it’s not but look at this board..(check the video at 4:19) That’s how it works. I’ve been receiving enough request about when I’m going to release it but guess what, I’m giving it out to a very few people, My reputation comes first. So drop your email below ONLY if this sounds like something unique to you.

You can contact me about this system and ask some other questions and I think I’m going to give it out to some people before the launch date.

For questions; contact me @ [email protected]
Alex Oke

Alex Oke



Why GUI Trader?

Just Like Every other forex trader, I have lost my money times without number and its usually a bad story for us.

There is usually light at the end of the tunnel, After 11 years of trading experience, I was reborn in to an expert Forex Trader and Forex EA developer

I love a community where Forex Traders meet and share trading techniques and ideas and that is why this system is FREE

The 3 most important ingredients of a successful trading strategy are

1. maximum capital protection
2. maximum profit making ability
3. surfing market realities

The GUI Trader Strategy got all this attributes, and you know what? it is FREE for some time

Simple Strategy, Easy Profit

1. GUI TRADER handles your fear and emotion by trading on your behalf every time.If you prefer being in control of your EA and also have your freedom, no worries. This semi-EA just place your trade and you’re done.

2. GUI TRADER does a calculation every time to keep track of your looses and profit using a display area until the entire trading process is completed.

3. The strategy is very simple, just follow the rules and you will be glad you did. You don’t need any indicator. Your eyes is the only tool you need, combined with GUI TRADER.

4. GUI TRADER is flexible.You are the one to judge how you want to use the tool. I will give you the tool and the strategy I use. You can change any settings in the tool for any reason to suit your needs.

5. If you are good at back testing, you can back test different settings and different market type to know what is best for you. I didn’t restrict the EA from back-testing because I believe back-tests helps you make solid decisions. How To Bac-kest Link Should be Here

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Does GUI make Daily?

GUI Trader target minimum of 28-48 pips daily. The truth is that the market will tell if it is daily or not.  Though you can use it on any pair (Just be watchful of spread)

Can it work on any broker?

Broker, Broker, Broker; I mentioned the word broker thrice because they can rip you off regardless of how good your strategy is. It can work on any broker either 4 or 5 digit broker (It won’t work with ECN Perfectly). Always be careful of brokers.

Can it work on multiple pairs at the same time?

Of course; it trades every pair you set simultaneously.

Does GUI require any kind of human intervention?

No.  Do not worry about how to place a trade or why to place the trade. You will see answers in the eBook and Video.

Are you sure this is profitable?

Members of theforexprogrammer.com know I don’t give crap tools. Yes, GUI is profitable.

Is GUI Trader a fully automated EA or Semi EA

This is a fully automated EA; .