I Have Created Over 1000 Trading Systems in the Past 8 years for my Clients and For Myself. but
Range Money Maker Stands Out as the Best of All

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non-Exaggerated Performance STATS

  • Monthly  – Starting From 30% – 120% 120% 120%
  • Trade Accuracy – 85% 85% 85%
  • Beginner Friendliness – 100% 100% 100%
  • Draw Down 10% 10%
  • Support – 100% 100% 100%

accurate ranging market finder



Worlds Best Forex Breakout + Hedging Robot of 2020

This is an Expert Advisor that makes you continuous pips during the ranging market.

If you want to trade Ranging Market or Consolidation Market With Breakout Or Hedging and Make endless pips. Go for the RANGE MONEY MAKER.

Not one day passes without some uncountable cases of a ranging market situation.

You can turn all these ranging market situations into pure profit without stress using the range money maker

Range Money Maker INSTANCE

A lot of traders have problems with trading breakouts when they see the range or consolidation. That is  Because they cant spot fake breakouts.

You don’t need to stress yourself identifying fake breakout or real breakout.

The Range Money Maker will use hedging to make sure you always in profit.

This is different from other Hedging trading system, this can trail profit and remember the last loss closed and make sure trailing closes in profit even after the last loss.

It will also count the number of losses to make sure you can also close at breakeven.

All as been coded into the EA no need to stress yourself. Just Attach And wait for the Dollars to roll in.

Ok then let me drop the BOMB, below are Proofs of both demo and live account on myfxbook.

Video Showing How It Works

Now Just set Range Money Maker to continue Trading to false to use if you see a range Market.

That is the best time I love using it.
Because I can make a killer trade once and for all.
Look at the video below



Range Money Maker

Smart Features

  • MC: Maximum count, that allows ea to know when to close certain amount if range continues
  • Take Profit: Allows each trade to have it’s own TP
  • Stop Loss: Allows each trade to have it’s own Stop Loss
  • Never seen Before Trailing. This uses a strategy to trail in different ways
  • Next Hedge Lot Size : Can allow you set your own value for ea to calculate next lot sizes.
  • Distance Before Trades: You can set a value before each pending order will be triggered.
  • Magic number.
  • All pairs.
  • Powerful Trick (Available to Life Time License Owners Only)


Is Range Money Maker EA Fully Automated?

Yes. All you need is to set it up in your VPS and its going to the work for you.

Can I Use Range Money Maker as a Semi EA?

Yes.. You will need something to indicate for you, a ranging market..Then after you receive a signal, you can activate the Range Money Maker..

You can use my Bankers Money EA that sends you alert and detect all the range or consolidation in market and on all pairs and 100% accurate.

What is the powerful trick?

Lol you know I can’t tell you that..

But let me give you a hint…This trick will have very very little draw down and you will never sweat for pips. Just load it and leave your VPS and wait for the magic.

This Only Available to Life-Time Users.

Without Trick, Will My Account Still Do Well?

Definitely yes.

Whats the Recommended Account Size For This Robot?

I honestly do not expect you to subscribe to such an expensive trading system and then be trading small accounts!! This robot can trade any account size but I prefer going big guys.

Though, I would also advise that you test on your small capital first. 

What If I want to Use On Multiple Accounts?

Sure, my friend, but you will also have to buy a new license for each account. But I can promise you a small Discount on top of that.

Money Back Guarantee?

The robot would be completely out of my control, when I give you the license then a refund would not be possible. I have learned in the past, what works will work if you follow everything, by me..Just follow exactly what I will explain to you.

Payment Methods

Currently accepting card, skrill and bitcoin payments.