Scalper Rider Forex Robot
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Scalper Rider Forex Robot Delivers Mind Blowing Results Every Month!

Once You Setup, YOU SIT BACK AND IT DOES THE WORK FOR YOU. If You’re Serious About Putting an END to Losing In Forex, Get this Now!  


Below Are Bactesting Results That will Make You Go Gaga!!

 Are We On Thesame Page? So much Of Profitable Trades Recorded With The Scalper Rider

Why You Will Make Money With Scalper Rider

All trading is done automatically, no need of any skill and no human intervention.  

  • Your capital is HEAVILY Protected while your profit would be growing everyday.  
  • Money Management Feature have being built into this software to ensure safe trading.
  • It’s great for all traders regardless of your knowledge or experience in trading.
  • Overall, the strategy is based on scalping. It is NOT BASED on any of these:  
  • No Hedging  
  • No Grid

  NOTE: Version 2 of Scalper Rider includes Grid.

All You Will Get With Likely Questions Answered

You Get The Scalper Rider And a Quick Ebook on How To Set Up

1. The (Scalper Rider Version 2) EA: I call it killer strategy because you won’t believe how your account would be growing.

2. A Complete Quick Ebook on how to setup the EA  

If you are sick and tired of making little or no money trading Forex while watching others (very few) make reasonable profit, don’t forget that there’s a solution.  

You can join those very few traders who make reasnable income if you USE the proven Scalper Rider, you’ll surely put an end to your Losses in Forex Trading. 

Scalper rider product box on

The MINIMUM Capital I Recommend Is $500 - $5000

7 day money back guarantee if you ACT NOW

I have decided to give this system out for as low as $417! PLUS + a 7 day money back guarantee if you ACT NOW. As I’ve got my integrity to protect, you’ll be amazed I’m not giving the common 30 day money back guarantee but a 7 day guarantee if you don’t make money using this Expert Advisor! I'm confident about Scalper Rider.

Why Most EA's Fail?

Most Traders Make So Little or Nothing Some EA's fail because they are based on lagging indicators which market does not have respect for. You know why? It's simple, the market does not follow lagging indicators but indicators follow the market. This scalper rider I'm giving to you does not make use of any lagging indicators. NEVER FORGET! The reason you see a lot of indicators when you install and open your Meta Trader is because they are meant to confuse everyone to think that they are what you need to make money but the REALITY is based on what you see on your chart.

No Hedging Required, FIFO Compliant, Compatible with all US Forex Brokers

Money Management With Risk Limit

Regular Price: $1700


One-Time Payment

INFRINGEMENT WARNING: ANYONE Caught selliing this forex robot else where or giving it out for free without the consent of as a whole will be reported to her hosting company and consistent refusal to comply will lead to legal actions.