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Once you have purchased a VPS service from any of the top 10 forex vps providers, you will be given your VPS details and it should look like this:

VPS details

Once you have your details, all you have to do is setup your VPS.

How to Set Up Your VPS Account

First, all that you need from the details in the mail are:

  • Main IP
  • Login Username and
  • Administrator Password!

The next thing  you need to do is:

1. Go to your PC [Windows PC] and search the word RDP

Setting up a vps account in forex

RDP - Remote Desktop Connection

2. Click on the Remote Desktop Connection (RDP)

Click on RDP

3. Fill in the computer blank area with the Main IP received from your VPS and click connect.

Mine is:

Fill Main I.P

After clicking on connect you will see this:

enter your credentials

It is time to input the Username and the Password your VPS provider gave to you.

Now it is time to press OK!

vps set up and installation process complete

Boom…That is your VPS area…

How to Bring Files Into Your VPS

There are 3 ways to do this…but the most recommended way I love is the 3rd method.

How about we take the three methods one after the other?

Method 1: Copy and Paste

You can copy the file from your local PC and past it into you vps…

Copying files in to vps method 1

Now I am pasting into my VPS:

Pasting into vps

pasting into the vps

pasted into vps

Very simple! Although some VPS do not always allow that, but it’s simple and fast.

Method 2: Using Your Email

On your local PC, you can compose an email and attach the file to it and send it to another mail or the  same mail..

composing email

Then go to you vps and open your mail on chrome and download the file.

Method 3: Using External Storage

Either flash drive or hard-drive. The question is how do I make my VPS see the files in my flash drive or hard drive.

Very simple:

Step 1 : Go to your Remote Desktop Connection.


2. Step 2: Click On Show Options

show options

Step 3: Click on Local Resources

local resources

Step 4: Click on More and you will see the image below:

more options

So tick your USB Drive or any other external storage you want to use then click ok and connect!!

connect to vps

Step 5: Once you are inside your VPS area..Just go to This PC

This PC will take you to where you can see the External Storage on your VPS.

this PC

Step 6: After clicking This PC , you will see your External Storage

External storage

Open it and you will find your files you have copied into your external storage..

opened files on VPS

So from there you can move them into your VPS by copying and pasting or by moving into any folder or area in your VPS..

You can then install you MT4 too and others things you need to do with your files!!

So it is up to you to decide which method you love most..Either ways, we all want to move our files into our VPS. Just use what you’re comfortable with.

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