What Is Price Action Trading Analysis?

When it comes to Forex trading, there is nothing as crucial as understanding every aspect that may lead to making profits.

Among the many things that every aspiring or experienced trader should understand properly is price action analysis.

If you are new to Forex trading or you are aspiring to become a trader, you may be wondering what we are referring to when we say price movement or price action.

You should, however, not worry anymore if you are reading this article. Here, I am going to explain price movement analysis in detail to give you a more in-depth insight.

Defining Price Action Analysis

Price action analysis is used to refer to an activity that involves reading and interpreting the movement of market price over time, and then making viable trading decisions.

In this case, a trader has to study, read, and understand the price movement over a given duration.

chart with price movement and indicators for trading decisions

This technique allows traders to make viable trading decisions without the use of trading indicators. When it comes to this technique of trading, it’s worth noting that every trader is different from the other.

No two individuals in Forex trading can interpret a given price movement in the same way.

Your understanding will be different from that of any other trader, and so the trading decisions you make will be unique to you.

In simple terms, we can define price action analysis as a technique where traders have to use natural/raw price movements of markets to trade them.

How To Benefit From Price Movement Analysis

Before we get deep into this, it’s worth noting that price action analysis can be helpful to all the traders regardless of the financial market they are in.

However, it’s also good to know that P.A analysis is best suited to Forex trading as compared to other types of trading.

The reason behind this is simple: Forex trading has a deeper liquidity and this makes it simple for the trader to enter or exit the market.

Likewise, Forex trading has favorable trading conditions as compared to any other trade. While trading Forex, you will realize that the Forex market moves in an easy-to-predict fashion, and all you need is to set up helpful price to give you a better chance of making a profitable trade.

Before making use of price movement in the Forex market, you will need to get rid of any indicator present on your charts and ensure that you have clean tables, having price bars in your desired colors.

Price Action Signal

After getting an insight into what price action is all about, we can now move a step further and see how we can use it find the best entries in Forex trading from a natural price chart.

When trading using price action analysis technique, traders are always trying to find the reoccurring price patterns which gives information regarding what the market is expected to do soon.

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Price Action Analysis and Market Trends

There are very many trading indicators being used by most successful Forex traders; however, if you happen to ask the most successful ones, they will tell you that there is no other known indicator that can help a trader make the useful trading decisions as than price action technique.

We can say that this is with no doubt the most tested and proven technique of determining the Forex marketplace.

You need to read and interpret, then analyze the daily charts so also to get the market’s trend.

For instance, for you to identify a downtrend, look for the patterns of the lower highs and lower lows (i.e., LH & LL). Likewise, for an uptrend, identify trends of the higher highs and high lows (HH & HL)

When to use Price Movement Signal

It’s good that you understand when to make use of the price action signal to benefit from the decisions you make.

Simple price action chart

The best time to make use of P.A is when various favorable factors intersect. There are certain times when you will realize convenient factor coinciding together with P.A signal, and this is the best time to enter a trade.

Conclusion on Price Action Analysis

Having gone through the above piece of article, I believe that you’ve learned a lot regarding price action analysis.

By know, you know how what it is and how helpful it can be as far Forex market is concerned. This is going to help you make viable trading decisions that will guarantee you reasonable returns.

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