These are the top Forex forums at the time of writing this article.


Forex abode - top forex forums

Forex Abode forum is entirely free to access and among the top Forex forums because of their information.

The information on the website is worth it even when compare to paid Forex forum.

If you are really serious with this forum you can find out a lot of information on the forum.

The site is large and every page is worth reading.

They include fundamentals of trading, technical view of trading, forecast, talks about brokers, trading tools and others.

ForexAdobe believes anyone can complain, criticize or just fool around on his websites.

Knowing and growing together to make his forum a better place for everyone is what he wants.


Forex factory - trading forum

Some traders call this forum the leading independent Forex forum, to me I think it is also worth being on the list of top Forex forums.

Forex Factory was launched in 2004.

The number of viewers that read the messages and users that participate in the forum of various threads are huge.

Forex factory also have a trade explorer that makes traders view different running accounts .

It covers forums like interactive trading, commodities and stock, trading systems, trading discussion and others.

Forex factory believes Professional Forex traders from around the world can converge and learn from one another.

The website is designed exclusively to provide high-quality information that traders can apply in their pursuit of profits.

They claim to be currently the number one most viewed Forex-related website,

Forex Factory does not request for any fund or fee from any trader to use their service.

They earn revenues by selling banner advertising and by charging Forex broker a fee to be listed on their brokers guide.

When it comes to top Forex forums they are worth it.


Baby pips forum

According to my research people from all over the world believes Baby pips is incredible for beginners.

If we are listing top Forex forums, baby pips must not be left behind.

In 2005, baby pips started providing content in the form of educational articles and lessons and much more like forum.

Baby pips claim to have over 200,000 members who can’t live without visiting the website frequently.

They want traders to use the Forum to look out for experienced Forex traders, ready to lend a helping hand.

Baby pips members are great, their articles and resources are usually interesting.

The statement:

We created to be the complete and quality educational resource for all Forex traders on the Web

said by Baby Pips is true.

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forexpeace army

Dmitri Chavkerov  started ForexPeaceArmy because of what most Forex brokers, Forex signals/Robots websites do to

Forex traders taking their money away by committing fraud.

These brokers and product sellers are the Forex Thieves that Dmitri has been exposing for the past years.

Now Forex Peace Army is a review based website and forum community for Forex traders around the world.

It  gives traders the opportunity to write out there mind about a trading system, robots, indicators and even brokers.

ForexPeaceArmy have a community purposely designed to protect Forex traders from scams.

They also point out the best products and services that Forex traders have actually had success with.

They are worth checking when purchasing new Expert Advisors, Indicators or even investing with a broker.

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mt5 forum

This websites is created for those who prefer the terminal of MetaTrader series in trading on Forex. 

Forex Forum want traders to come leave negative or positive experience about any Forex related issue.

Their are lots of active threads on these websites that can give you a lot of information you need.

Your homework is to do your findings on the thread that suites you.


trade 2 win

Everyday, thousands of traders visit this website.

They want everyone to benefits from experienced traders around the world.

They claim that they want to unite and support active traders across the globe.

That is the reason they have provided a range of facilities that enable members to communicate with one another, share

their knowledge and express their views.

This forum websites is perfect for beginners and advance traders when looking for new updates in Forex trading.

They don’t charge any fee for using their service.

Therefore there is no crime in trying them out for your source of information.


This forum is to provide visitors with an opportunity to freely communicate and discuss issues of programming in MQL4.

If you are interested in testing new automated trading system or Indicators this is the right place for you.

Issues concerning developing and use of mechanical systems and other programs written in MQL4 are discussed here.

In the forum, you will be able to exchange experience with colleagues from all over the world.

If you have a question, ask it here, and you will certainly receive help.


MetaQuotes Language 5 (MQL5) is a new integrated programming language for developing indicators and trading


Over a hundred of brokerage companies and banks use the platform to provide their services for customers.

This forum also provide visitors with an opportunity to freely communicate and discuss issues of programming in MQL5

So you can also find a lot of things to learn and extract from this forum.


Be careful with what you take into your head.

Forums can break you or make you.

It is left for you to decide what you are taking into your mind while searching through various forums.

Newbie and professional traders are all involved in the posting of information in those forums.

If you are not careful you may regret later.

Having the right information at the right time is worth more than 10,000 hours of study but having the wrong

information may rewind your life with 10 years.

If you have your list of top Forex forums let us know.

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